Our co-founders were feeling anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness in the face of the accelerating climate & waste crisis — policy takes too long and it’s hard to see how personal actions add up.

So in early 2019 our CEO, Jess Lybeck, realized that anything that is changing for the better is because COMPANIES are reacting to what their customers want. 

Who are Remark’s co-founders? We’re Jess (Left),& Beth (Center), and Don (Right). We’re based in Colorado and 100% focused on our mission.

Jess decided to start reaching out to businesses directly with her sustainability feedback after being inspired by @zerowastehome‘s book. And guess what? Businesses got back to her.

She started thinking, what if it’s not just a few emails, what if we could make it easy to send thousands or millions of emails to businesses around the world? 

Since then, our founding trio has bootstrapped an app, sent over 700 emails to encourage sustainable action in our beta and are now on a mission to prove that customer feedback can move mountains (of trash).


An Ode to Hope


The scale of the challenges we face are huge and the headlines haunt me (Climate change, racial injustice, political division & poverty … to name a few). These problems fuel an internal question has been brewing inside my skull for years …


Right now it feels like I’m doing it alone – feeling crushing guilt over my (in)actions and helplessness to change a system that is so obviously broken.

I’m not a politician, an influencer, a celebrity, or the CEO of a major corporation. I’m just one person who cares – a lot. What hope can I have to change the world? What can I do when the problem feels so big and I feel so very small?

We can join forces. We can do better bit by bit. We can ask for a better world from the people who pull the strings. We can make a big impact in the tiny spaces of our day. We can be the change.

Because capitalism got us into this mess. And maybe, just maybe – we the CUSTOMERS can get us out.

– Jess Lybeck, Co-Founder of Remark