Adopt a Family in Crisis

If you are stable / have some financial wiggle room, commit to helping a family in need with groceries + essentials for three months @ ~$100/month.


Get Help with Essentials

If you’re having difficulty making ends meet due to the COVID-19 crisis, get friendly anonymous assistance with groceries + essentials for three months @ ~$100/month.


Applications now closed.

By clicking “Get Started” above, you agree that you’re a good human and will honor this opportunity to receive help or give help by being truthful, considerate, responsive and kind. You also agree to our terms and privacy policy, keeping in mind that we’re just a small group of people trying to be helpful during an unbelievably difficult time.


We connect neighbors.


Answer a
few questions

Click “Get Started” above to share some basic info with us so that we can find you the right match.



We’ll email both parties separately with the match’s first name, phone number and how to take next steps.



Send your match a text to introduce yourself and coordinate grocery and/or financial help.


Make a

Feel good about sharing the love (and money) with those who are struggling during this crazy time.


We’ve connected 100+ families
in need with neighbors who can help (that’s over $40k committed)

I can’t thank you enough for hooking us up with Stephanie and her family. It has been the highlight of this whole situation. It felt really good to be able to make a direct impact.

At first I didn’t know if this would work. But I got an email this morning saying that a family would be willing to adopt us! I cannot tell you how much I am thankful that you connected me with an angel able to help us at this moment. We’re all crying with relief and restoring our faith in humanity.

You’re providing an amazing opportunity to provide immediate help to those in need and a lot of the time people don’t know what to do. Your platform makes it so easy to help our own community and neighbors. It gives me something important to focus on and it makes me feel good that I’m making some small difference for someone that truly needs it.

I am so blessed to be in a position to help and am so grateful to this organization for providing me with a good outlet to do so. And though it’s recommended to not forge a relationship with your person, we have chatted on the phone and I feel like we’ll be friends for life. So so grateful to have her in my life and hope we continue to be friends in the future. Also, I have three young sons and I want them to remember that mommy helped out as much as possible during all this.

I was a bit skeptical at first but I’m loving being part of this program. It’s helping me make a genuine connection with a family in need and I get to see the visible impact in my local community. I love knowing where my support of actually going!!

I didn’t have to do anything but provide a little information, and they matched me with a person that I could have a direct connection with, and for whom I could provide meaningful support. The expectations were also clear re: how much support, otherwise I might have felt like I was put in a strange position where I had to be careful/cautious about implying how much cash I could provide to my match.


Yes. Well, sort of. If you’re successfully matched, we’ll share your first name and contact information (either phone number or email) with both parties so that you can coordinate help. It’s up to you whether you share further information (i.e. your venmo / paypal account to send/receive funds or a home address to drop-off groceries).

If you are hesitant to share your personal information you can always create a new gmail address or venmo / paypal account for this purpose only.

When you fill out the form above, you can let us know whether you’d prefer to give / receive financial support (i.e. direct financial support via venmo, paypal), physical groceries (i.e. drop-off groceries / supplies) or whether you’re okay with both options. 

Based on these preferences, we’ll do our best to match you with someone in your area who is a good fit. Once matched, we provide the matches’ first name and phone number to both parties via email. You can then reach out directly via text message to introduce yourself and coordinate help. 

  • For financial support, we recommend sending funds via Paypal or Venmo
  • For grocery support, we recommend discussing a list of essential items the family needs via text and then coordinating a contact-less drop-off (We recommend treating this like meeting up with a craiglist buyer / seller) OR may prefer to pay / receive an online grocery order for pickup or delivery.

It’s entirely up to you. Both are incredibly useful during this crisis, and some people feel more comfortable buying / receiving physical goods while others would prefer to just get / send financial help. We’ll do our best to match you based on your preferences for financial help or physically buying goods.

No. We’re doing our best to get the word out in Denver (and beyond), but at this time we’re offering a first come, first serve system with a preference for offering help to families with children under 18.

We screen applications to make sure that they indicate within the form that they have kids under the age of 18, were directly impacted by COVID-19 and to ensure they aren’t duplicate entries.

However, beyond that we run on the honor system. We ask each family for a short description of their current situation and we include this info so that both parties have more context. 

 We’re just a few people behind the scenes trying to help the 23% of Americans who have lost their income due to this crisis and unfortunately don’t have the resources to do background checks or ask for pay stubs.

We trust that people who ask for help genuinely need help. We trust that people who say they can help will provide help. We think you should trust them too.

We hear you – we know personally how difficult it is to ask for help. You are a strong, capable person who just happens to be swept up in the largest crisis our generation has ever seen. It’s not your fault. There’s zero shame in asking for what you and your family needs to survive in these uncertain times. We’re here for you.

We ask for your zipcode when you fill out the “Get Started” form on this page and do our best to match people who are close in proximity to each other – especially if buying & delivering groceries is your preference. However, this isn’t always possible and we ask for your grace as we try to provide matches to as many families as possible.

We totally get it, $100 a month is quite a big chunk of change. Unfortunately, the level of need is massive right now and we want to be able to provide something meaningful for families. If you can’t afford $100/month, we’d suggest one of the following two options: 

  1. Come together with a group of friends to “Adopt” a family together and split the monthly commitment (you’ll need one person to fill out the form / handle communication with the family)
  2. Donate to a local nonprofit working to secure food for families in need during the crisis.

We totally get it, $100 a month is not enough to cover your bills and rent. There’s a slight chance we may be able to match you with someone who is open and able to provide a higher level of support. However, we do not allow families to receive support from more than one match right now.

That’s so amazingly gracious of you. So many people are having difficulty paying rent and bills to keep their family afloat during this uncertain time, and offering more than $100/mo will go a long way. We’ll ask how much you’re willing to support per month and then do our best to match you with a family that needs a higher level of support. If you still have more to give, you can fill out the form again and we’ll do our best to match you with another family. 

Right now we’re focusing on Denver metro because we’re just a few people behind the scenes trying to get this going. In order to launch in your city / region we’ll need to find a volunteer to handle matchmaking. Interested in making this happen in your city? Fill out the form here

In the meantime, you are welcome to fill out the form (if you are based in the U.S.) and we’ll do our best to match you when we do launch in your area!

You are welcome to click “get started” above and request a match! We recognize that there are individuals, especially elderly and LGTBQ, that are having difficulty connecting to resources. However, we will be prioritizing matches for families with kids under the age of 18.

We’d love to! If you’d like to partner, please get in touch at However, we know that nonprofits are stretched thin and that many of them are not prepared to launch / maintain new programs during this crisis. We started this “Adopt a Family” program to help those families and individuals who need immediate / cash assistance.

Please share this page with others via email, text & social media! The more people who know this resource / opportunity exists, the more we can help. We also need volunteers to help with matching, answering questions and getting the word out! Please fill out our volunteer form and we’ll be in touch!

We’re an app that makes it easy to share sustainability feedback to businesses. We still 100% believe in our mission to stop waste at the source, but we feel the need to take action and help the crisis at hand.

If you want to learn more about us, head here. Help us out by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. We promise we’ll start sharing some amazing stories from the “Adopt a Family” program soon.

Not a penny. We are running this with our own time and volunteer hours. Remark does not take or distribute any payments, rather we are a matchmaker between neighbors who have a little extra to give and neighbors who need a little extra help.

Send us an email at and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!


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Adopt a Family in Crisis

If you are stable / have some financial wiggle room, commit to helping a family in need with groceries + essentials for three months @ ~$100/month.


Get Help with Essentials

If you’re having difficulty making ends meet due to the COVID-19 crisis, get friendly anonymous assistance with groceries + essentials for three months @ ~$100/month.