When we’re in beta you have the option to send feedback to businesses via Twitter, Email or Both. We send the email / tweet to the busines from Remark’s account and keep you in the loop by either tagging you (with Twitter) or CCing you (with Email). 

Yes! We understand there are situations where you don’t want your email or full name included in the feedback. First choose Email, Twitter or Both when getting setup. Then when giving feedback to an individual business you can include words like “anonymous please!” and we’ll just sign with your first name, BCC you and skip tagging you on Twitter.

You don’t need to draft the full message – we’ll take care of that for you! If you notice plastic straws, you can just say “plastic straws”. We’ll craft the rest of the message and ensure that each piece of feedback is delivered with a dollop of politeness on top (we’re known for killing plastic with kindness). 

Sure thing! Here’s a few recent tweets (view more on twitter) …

For email, here are a few of our go-to templates (but we try to mix it up) … 

For Negative Feedback

Subject: Feedback from recent visit to [BUSINESS NAME]

Hi [NAME],

I just wanted to share some sustainability feedback for [BUSINESS NAME].

I recently visited your [LOCATION] location and was disappointed to see that you [NEGATIVE ECO-FEEDBACK]. Wondering if you’d be open to more sustainable alternatives?

While I love [BUSINESS NAME], I’m less likely to return based on this. I know you have a lot of things to consider as a business, thanks in advance for hearing me out.



For Positive Feedback

Subject: Sustainability love for [BUSINESS NAME]!

Hi [NAME],

Reaching out to share some sustainability love for [BUSINESS NAME]! I recently visited your [LOCATION] location and love that you [POSITIVE ECO FEEDBACK].

Amazing. Thank you for being so conscious of your actions! I’ll definitely be back.