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Get paid to stop using plastic.

We partner with Plastic Free Restaurants which eliminates single-use plastic and styrofoam from restaurants by temporarily subsidizing the cost difference between those plastic items and certified compostable and/or reusable alternatives. 

Amazing, how does it work?

If a restaurant currently spends $1,000 per month on petroleum-based plastic cups and lids and bags and straws and forks, and it replaces those items with certified compostable alternatives that cost $1,250 per month, then Plastic Free Restaurants will reimburse your restaurant $250 per month, for a set period of time. 

• For the first six months, they cover 100% of the cost difference.
• For the next six months, they cover 50% of the cost difference.
• For the next twelve months, they cover 10% of the cost difference.

To qualify for any of their subsidies, a restaurant must eliminate 100% of the single-use petroleum-based plastic that touches its customers (i.e., “front of house”). See full details

How do I get started?

Let us know you’re interested in a subsidy through our “Eco-Friendly Suppliers” chatbot below. We’ll help you find a reusable or certified compostable distributor for your restaurant’s unique needs (at no cost to you) and we’ll ensure you are setup to receive a check in the mail!