Download the app and head to the “Feedback” tab and search for a business at the top of the page. Once a business is selected, you can choose your areas of sustainability feedback based on the category of business. We’ll then automatically craft an email, you can edit and hit “send” to send the feedback to the business via email.

It will be sent to the business decision maker (i.e. owner or CEO) via email. We’ve found that personalized email makes more impact than publicly posting on social media, however we’re exploring ways to incorporate social posting into our app in the future.

The link provides free sustainability resources to the business to help them solve their unique challenges. We’ve found that many businesses don’t have the resources or know-how to make a change in their operations to be more sustainable. We’re here to help them with step-by-step guides and introduce relevant sustainable product / service providers (yes, we do collect a referral fee for making these intros).

We put your email in a short queue while we find the perfect contact and email address at the business to send your message to. It usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 business days for us to send your email. Thanks for your patience! We hope to automate this at some point, but for now we’re delivering feedback manually / thoughtfully.

For larger organizations, we skip the generic customer service email inbox and typically send your feedback directly to the CEO or sustainability decision maker (i.e. Director of Sustainability or COO). For smaller businesses, we can typically get to the right person by emailing the email address listed on their website.

Only your first name and last initial will be shared with business as it’s helpful to let businesses know that feedback is coming from a “real person”. Remark has implemented a 2-way email relay to help stop spam and protect your personal information. When sending a remark, both your email address and the business contact’s email address will look like this:

Use your email program to reply to the business as you normally would. Any contact information you include in the body of your message will pass through unaltered.

You’ll be notified when the business reads your email and when they’ve made a sustainability change to their operations (thanks to you!). You will receive any response they send directly to your email inbox. We encourage you to respond back to businesses (especially if a personalized response) to thank them for taking the time to respond.

We know when every business receives, reads & responds to an email. If three people say that Restaurant A has plastic straws, then the fourth person says Restaurant A has no straws – we mark it as a tentative change. We then reach out to the business to confirm + learn more about how Remarks impacted their decision and then notify all 4 people who were part of the impact!

We’re all ears! Send any ideas or feature suggestions to

No. Remark is a Public Benefit Corporation and we plan to certify as B-Corp. We believe that in order to solve the massive problems we face as a society, we need to merge profit & impact. Creating sustainable business models (where mission doesn’t get lost) is something we’re passionate and transparent about.